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Steel Seawalls

If you’re lucky enough to live by a river, you already know the benefits…and the drawbacks. You’re yard size is dependent on the whim of the river, making it very hard to keep any permanent features near the water. The same holds true for marinas and any other frontage where the shoreline drops dramatically. A steel seawall will keep your frontage where it belongs, reestablishing peace between water and shore once again. Imagine having a sleek looking seawall with a nice, level yard kept in place year after year. And our favorite, you will no longer have to scoot your canoe or kayak down the embankment, simply hop in off of your new seawall! Call us for an estimate!

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Boat House

All are made to withstand the worst of elements such as wind, waves and ice. They are built with marine grade, pressure treated lumber that is strong, very stable and looks great. Also all our work can be done completely by water so no yard destruction.

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