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What can beat the combination of lakeside living and boat ownership? Having a custom boathouse, that’s what. A boathouse is the epitome of the waterfront lifestyle. And our boathouses are designed to withstand whatever nature throws their way. Be it wind, waves, or ice; your boat with be safe and sound, protected by marine grade, pressure treated lumber. Your new boathouse will not only be strong and stable but it will look great! Why haul your boat into storage in another town when you can keep it safe and nearby all year long? 

As if this isn’t reason enough to call, we can do all of our work completely from the water so your yard stays intact and undamaged. Treat yourself, your family, and your boat by calling us for an estimate!

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Boat House

All are made to withstand the worst of elements such as wind, waves and ice. They are built with marine grade, pressure treated lumber that is strong, very stable and looks great. Also all our work can be done completely by water so no yard destruction.

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