A custom built deck can be a wonderful addition to your waterfront project.  We design them to fit in with existing structures or landscaping in your unique yard. 

Lakeshore Marine uses only treated lumber to protect against the elements. Extra bracing and supports are used to increase the overall strength of the deck. All of the supporting posts are buried deep below the frost line to prevent any movement that is caused by sub-freezing temperatures.

What We Do


To prepare a site for excavation, the site must be cleared of trees and shrubs, and any previously existing structures above or below ground must be removed and taken away.


In any land project, a proper grade plays a crucial role in stabilizing flat and sloped areas, maintaining a property, and preventing costly damage and repair later.


Our team is expert and insured. Tree removal is sometimes necessary to meet project goals. Costs can vary based on the height, diameter, location and health of the tree.

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