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Natural Steps

We have all taken more stairs than we care to remember; wooden stairs, metal stairs, every manner of stairs. But how many of these have been truly memorable? Chances are that you have a specific set of steps that stick in your mind as truly magnificent. Perhaps it was some art deco, spiraling staircase to nowhere but more likely, you walked up a set of natural steps in a park or yard somewhere. Natural steps strike a certain chord within us; they are beautiful, functional, and the skill involved in their creation is quite evident. Imagine having a set of steps in your yard that evoke that amazement in people and remain in their memories as the ideal steps. You may be surprised to discover that this dream is more practical and affordable than you think. Give us a call, our knowledgeable staff would be more than happy to tell you all about our natural step options!

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Boat House

All are made to withstand the worst of elements such as wind, waves and ice. They are built with marine grade, pressure treated lumber that is strong, very stable and looks great. Also all our work can be done completely by water so no yard destruction.

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