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Admit it, you still feel a slight, childlike joy when walking down a dock. They are central to the waterfront lifestyle, almost a portal between the shore and the great adventure of the water. We enter our boats from them, we fish off of them, we jump off of them, we throw sticks for our dogs off of them, we sunbathe and daydream on them; they are essential to our summer fun. We acknowledge how integral docks are to our day to day lives, which is why we make our docks to last. Our docks our sturdy, strong, ascetically pleasing, and long lived. We use only the best material, ensuring that your new dock will stand up to wind, waves, and ice. Whether you are replacing an old dock or installing one for the first time, our staff is standing by to help you through this important decision. As with most of our waterside services, all of the work can be done from the water, sparing your yard the harsh punishment of construction. Call us for advice and an estimate, you won’t regret it.

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Boat House

All are made to withstand the worst of elements such as wind, waves and ice. They are built with marine grade, pressure treated lumber that is strong, very stable and looks great. Also all our work can be done completely by water so no yard destruction.

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